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List of our top asked issues.


Can't stop coughing.

A cough is caused by the body responding to an irritation of the windpipe or removing other substances inside the lung. The cough is physically created by a spasm of the diaphragm resulting in a quick expulsion of air. This air leaving the lungs takes with it the irritant leaving the throat and lungs clean. So really a cough is the body's way of “scratching its throat and clearing the lungs”. Can't Stop Coughing >>


Can’t stay off the toilet.

Diarrhea, is very loose or watery stool that seems to happen at the most inopportune moment. It is the bodys way of removing unwanted substances. Diarrhea is often caused by: Can't Stay Off Toilet >>


My throat hurts.

There are a few reasons that you can experience pain in your throat, it can be caused by:

Infections - Irritation, (allergens, pet dander, smoke, dust) - nasal drainage - dryness - excessive talking or screaming. My Throat Hurts >>


Throwing up all night?

Vomiting is the body's way of removing substances that are harmful or otherwise excessive and unneeded.  Vomiting is usually both preceded and followed by nausea. Although it can have a sudden onset and be relieved immediately after the vomiting is over.  The process of vomiting is not comfortable. Stomach acid is expelled with whatever is in the stomach and this burns the throat and nostrils on the way out. Plus it taste horrible. Throwing Up All Night >>


What do I do if I have a fever?

A fever is referred to as a temperature over 99 degrees. The normal human temperature is 98 degrees - 99 degrees with the average being 98.6 degrees. Any temperature over 99 is considered to be a fever. This is the body's reaction to an attack on the immune system. What Do I Do If I Have A Fever >>


I feel tired.

Feeling tired can be a sign of many different things. When you seek medical care it is important to be able to answer different questions. I feel tired >>


My head hurts, what do I do?

A headache can mean several different things. It can be brought on because you are sick, haven’t had enough to drink, are under a lot of stress or because you’ve gotten hurt. My head hurts >>


I have a cold.

While you may think that what you have is a simple cold it could be the Flu. The cold is brought on by a virus and is transmitted by contact with the virus.This virus is ever changing so the human body can not develop a resistance to it. On average most adults will develop a cold 3 times a year while children might get 6 or more. I Have A Cold >>


I have a rash.

The skin is the largest organ of the body, and with that there are more visits to urgent care clinics for skin issues than for any other reason. I Have A Rash >>


I have the flu.

You may have the flu. The Flu is caused by a virus attacking the body. It is very contagious and can be deadly. Death is most common in very young, elderly, and those with immune system deficiencies.  There are about 4 million cases of flu every year with 300,000 deaths resulting from flu associated complications. I Have The Flu >>


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