Urgent Care

Amarillo STAT Care

Minor Fractures

Cold and Flu

Infections or Rash

Ear Infections

Bites and Stings

Heat Exhaustion

Why would I need an Urgent Care

Whenever you need medical attention quickly but do not need all the expense and time wasted in an ER, an urgent care facility might be your best bet. We have practitioners that have been specially trained to treat your needs now so that you can get back to your urgent lifestyle.

How long does Urgent Care take?

At an urgent care facility your treatment should be just that, URGENT. Most visits last less than 30 minutes. In most cases it takes longer to fill out your paperwork than it does to receive treatment. Paperwork can be filled out ahead of time by visiting the patient info section and printing out the new patient sheet.

One at a time please

We realize that you may have many issues that you have been saving to talk about at this one appointment, at your urgent care appointment we will focus on the most pressing issue in order to keep it URGENT for everyone. Any issues beyond that should be addressed with your primary care provider.

Who can be seen at Amarillo STAT Care

We treat patients from 6 months of age and older.